The General



Formerly a Captain of the Guard, the General lost his command after failing to protect a priceless artifact from an audacious gang of thieves. The encounter left the General’s face notably scarred.

Determined to make right what he’d allowed to become wrong, the General took command of a large mercenary force and, in a fun ironic twist, was hired by Tam to capture or kill the thieves responsible for ruining his life.

Hot on the heels of his tormentors, having interrogated a string of tavern-goers, an existentially broken pirate captain, and some weird obstetrician/interdimensional researcher, the General identified a well-placed crossroads and readied a tactically sound ambush.

His goal within reach, the General was surprised to find the small, angry woman, responsible for much of his current fate, bound and brought to his desk. But before he could land a single decisive and lethal strike with his curved blade, he found himself bewitched by the angry woman’s command, revealing to her a vulnerable truth he’d never before articulated, even to himself. It was not a sense of honor nor even moral obligation that drove him, but a desperate need to be respected by those around him.

As he shook himself from her thrall, the ground began to rumble, shouts echoed through the camp, and the General felt a familiar and intense pain on his chest, arms, and unprotected face.

With his troops rapidly dispersing into the woods, his camp collapsing into the depths, and much of his skin fused to his armor, the General had suffered a second dramatic and painful humiliation.

The General

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