Reign of Dust

Session V

Wedding Crashers

Escaping from the Lantern Worm’s caverns, Bingboh, Grimdolyn, the Inspector, and Zena met with the rest of the group, themselves escaping from the cultist headquarters, the assassin acolyte in tow. Hungry for revenge against the Hobgoblin, Bingboh let the rest of the group know that he was invited to play a wedding back in Flagstone — a good way to make some easy coin, to gear up for their revenge mission.

Bruised and bloody, they decided to rest for the night, in the jungle clearing where their paths first diverged. Due to, well, being really sleepy, no one noticed the giant bats descending upon them until Bingboh was already in their clutches.

Panicked and flailing, Bingboh grabbed whatever he could to throw at the bats. Unfortunately, his hand landed on one of the pouches of Devil Dust on his belt. Even more unfortunately, he whiffed and sent the powder directly into his face, and fell into a truly terrible trip.

The rest of the team fought off the bats, and Bingboh awoke, worse for the wear.

The next day found them lost in the jungles, but like so many of life’s problems, the Inspector solved it via launching himself into the sky with a violent explosion. They arrived in Flagstone right before the wedding, and some quick-talking — as well as a late priest — got them into the wedding.

Zena, who is not having any of this nonsense, shepherds the Goblins in the kitchens. Waiting for the inevitable disaster this becomes.

Grimdolyne and the Inspector discover that The Brodeen Family’s youngest daughter is being married off to a son of The Dudeson Family, practitioners of vile dark magic. Grimdolyne quickly hatches a plan as Gentlekiss mistaken for the priest hired for the wedding ceremony, and Jimothy accosts the actual priest outside the wedding venue.

Meanwhile, L infiltrates the Dudeson family’s residence, following their servants bringing in crates of what — he assumes — is the dowry.

Grimdolyne, learning that the bride detests this arranged marriage, signals to Gentlekiss, who launches into a long, rambling sermon that nevertheless captures the attention of the audience while she and the Inspector hatch a plan. By now, Jimothy has found his way into the building, and up into the balconies, dragging along the priest who should have been officiating the ceremony.

Yards away, L eviscerates a passing guard and discovers that the Dudesons have not been carting in a dowry, but enough explosives to level several of Flagstone’s buildings.

This is when shit really starts to pop off.

As Gentlekiss’ sermon crescendoes, Bingboh begins to shred a song of power on his lute, and Andromeda transforms into a giant bat and lifts the bride into the air. At that moment, the Inspector activates his pyromantic propulsion rod and explodes off the ground and through a window, debris flying everywhere. Things come to a head when, as they try to escape, the team is beset by the local law enforcement, as well as the dark mages of the Dudeson family.

Quick talking by Bingboh causes the Sheriff and his men to hesitate, but doesn’t slow down the Dudesons. Choosing her moment carefully, Zena leaps into action, taking the head off a Dudeson with a well-placed flail strike. Not to be outdone, Jimothy then leaps from the rafters and crushes another Dudeson into a puddle of bones and gore.

Thankfully, to allay any pressing questions (specifically, “why did you kill these people so violently?”), L and the Inspector show the Sheriff the explosives the Dudesons brought with them. The surviving Dudesons are arrested, and the team is rewarded.

As Andromeda returns with the Brodeen girl, the young ex-bride expresses her desire to become an adventurer as well, and reveals a family heirloom — a glass-tipped sword


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