Reign of Dust

Session IV

Dungeon Delve

Grimdolyn, the Inspector, Zena, and Bingbo delved the cavern of the lantern worm, in search of escape. Once Bones was grabbed by a monstrous subterranean bug, their search included their goblin comrade as well. As they progressed, they met and formed a pact with a rock elemental, who hungers for rare metal — especially that of a fallen meteorite.
At the bottom of the labyrinthine cavern, they recovered Bones, along with the sinister contents of the stolen caravan, but awoke the lantern worm. They cashed in their favor from the rock elemental and sealed off the worm (but not before maiming it). Now all that remains to do is slake their lust for revenge against the Goblin leader.

Elsewhere, Gentlekiss, Jimothy, L, and an eerily silent Andromeda tore through the cultist hideout, notably mulching some cultists via broken ancient machinery. In an act of selflessness indicative of his bond with his god, Gentlekiss sacrificed a part of his soul to wrest Andromeda from the brink of death (due to many, many, many cuts). They found, and rescued, an unsettling Elf, which lead them to the cultists’ in-progress summoning of a Toad Demon. Instead of slogging through an appropriately-attuned difficult-but-possible battle that the GM meticulously statted out, L gutted the frog from the inside out and ended the battle — but not without revealing their true identity.


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